Our design is your answer!

At advICo, we design and develop analog and mixed signal Integrated Circuits (ICs), Intellectual Property (IP cores), and PCB designs. We efficiently design chips from scratch or build on existing technology. advICo offers pre-developed circuits available as complete chips with customer-specific modifications or as circuit blocks which can be integrated into larger IC designs.

We have 15 years of experience in the design of RF- and microwave circuit boards. This allows us short development time-frames and reduces both cost and risk to our customers.

From pre-study to the development of prototypes, our expertise spans Optical Sensors and Arrays, High Speed Fiber-optic Communication, Wireless Transceivers, Data Converters (ADC and DAC), RF- and Microwave circuit boards, Radio Frequency (RF), and Photonic Simulations, and Silicon and Silicon-Germanium technologies. We are experts in the development of Radiation-Hard circuits for challenging environments in Space and in Nuclear Physics applications.

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