ASIC Design

advICo is your competent partner for the realization of your new product. We develop and design tailor-made integrated circuits of the highest quality at the cutting edge of science. Whether your idea is mature and detailed or at a conceptual stage, the development of integrated circuits requires special knowledge, experience, design methods and complex tools. At advICo, IC development is done efficiently and it is done well.

Whatever your design and development need may be, we can be your partner as your all-in-one service provider or serve to extend your very own development and design capacity at any stage from idea, to development, to prototype fabrication and testing.

Examples of realized projects:

  • • Clock- and data recovery IC (PLL) for 10Gb/s
  • • WLAN components for 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
  • • Transceiver frontends for 403 and 868MHz
  • • Low noise 86x86 channel 2Mb/s 1MΩ TIA array
  • • Medical ultrasonic phased array transducer
  • • 10k frames/s image sensor for robotics
  • • Radhard 1.5GS/s 12 bit communication DAC
  • • RF multilayer PCBs with FR4 carrier and PTFE/ceramic layer
  • • 24GHz VCO, SP4T, PA
  • • 12V 4A radhard POL-Converter
  • • 100 Gbps (4ch) modulator driver and TIA

IP blocks available:

• Radhard bandgap reference and other functional blocks
• 12 bit low power SAR ADC
• 10.7Gbps 100mA n-side down laser driver
• 40Gbps eye diagram monitor
• POLDI (Polarization based optical angle-sensor)
• 130nm radhard CMOS I/O Library
• 12V / 4A SEB-hard DC/DC point of load converter-sensor

Experts in:

• Fiber-optic communication (2Mb/s to 800Gb/s)
• Wireless communication (403MHz to 6GHz) and RADAR (24GHz)
• Data converters (ADC and DAC)
• Optical sensors and sensor arrays
• Radiation-hard circuits
• RF and microwave circuit boards
• Silicon and Silicon-Germanium technologies
• Design kits